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Fix Regular Bollards

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UGC BCF301-1000

● Height above ground: 1000±3mm

● Depth: 450mm

● Waring method: 3M reflective tape

● Bollard Material: Q345 carbon steel

● Basement Material: Q235 carbon steel

● Color: Blue, or other RAL color

● Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated - stainless 304 or 316


Fixed Bollards

Our removable Bollards provide the highest level of security against unauthorized vehicle access. This model of security bollards are made for Bollard Canada Inc in the early in 2023. The BCF301-1000 fixed bollards passed crash tested PAS 68 & IWA 14-1 by 7500kg truck travelling at 48 kph, ZERO penetrations, P1.

Based on the dense network of underground in urban environment is complex system which is not suitable installed depth evacuation of foundation. We highly recommend this type of fixed bollard that the structure of 450mm shallow mount can be available used in most of sites.

The standard of material is hot-dip galvanized. Otherwise the product also can be painted specified RAL color or finish with types of sleeves. Fixed bollards widely used in different areas, especially the crash rated bollards, they are normally installed in some sensitive locations, such as government office, military base, jails, power station, airports etc.