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The Matador

The Matador multi award winning sliding bollard system, the Matador is a patent protected security system, crash tested to different IWA standards. The Matador has revolutionised the perimeter security industry and has been recognised by numerous awards for innovation.

Electric Bollards

The design of the Matador allows for constant pedestrian access, even when closed. The Matador’s sliding feature allows access for permitted vehicles, such as service or emergency vehicles. The Matador features a completely flat surface when recessed, meaning there are no trip or trap hazards, making the system extremely safe. All moving parts are visible at all times, minimising the chance of accidental damage.
The sliding security system can be installed in locations where even a shallow mount is impossible, due to its ability to be surface mounted bollards, giving the Matador a huge advantage over traditional security bollards. This means the Matador range is ideal for temporary events and can simply be bolted down to a suitable base and removed when necessary. Alternatively, the Matador range can be installed flush with the surface, requiring a very shallow foundation depth.
The system is also available with a variety of different covers to blend in with any location, from historic surroundings to modern office blocks. We can also provide an architectural paving tray system as an option, which allows most stone and granite sets systems to be added to the Matador base, allowing seamless integration into the streetscape.
We currently have two different Matador ranges available, please see below for more details.
View the crash test on our YouTube channel here.