Reflecting Tape 4 x 50m

Vendor: Bollard canada inc
  • Characteristics :

    • Sticker with high reflective power thanks to its honeycombs reflecting the light from the headlights.
    • Roll of 50 meters.
    • To be glued on all smooth and clean metal surfaces such as steel posts, road signs, but also windows.
    • Class C monolayer honeycomb microprismatic film.
    • High visibility: reflects the illumination of long distance car lights.
    • Width of 101.6 mm.
    • 160µm thickness.
    • Ideal for securing obstacles on public roads, sign posts, barriers, posts, bus shelters.
    • Durability: 1 years. Terms of use : Indoor or outdoor use. Conditioning : Sold in rolls of 50 meters, or by the foot.

    Available colors :

    Red, Yellow,

     What are the advantages of this product?

    • Highly reflective.
    • Allows users to be more secure.
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