Anti Ram K12

Vendor: Bollard canada inc

 Independently designed and tested to meet ASTM F2656-07 M50 (K12) and designed to meet ASTM F2656 USA requirements for storefronts, these cost-effective safety bollards are designed for two-way shutdown capability.A properly installed simple autonomous terminal is designed and made to stop a 6800 kilo vehicle at an impact of 80 Khm with less than 1.2 meters of vehicle penetration, making it equal to or above standards.

 The traffic impact bollard is available in both permanent and removable options, with both options delivering exceptional braking power, making it an ideal application for storefronts, schools and other pedestrian-friendly areas.

The security bollards are cost-effective as the posts have an unrestricted spacing limit while maintaining ASTM M50 P1 certification and are also available in a Removable option for temporary access areas. 

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